Host Venue



Location of the Sports Center / Mini Olympic Village!
The Sports Centre is located on a beautiful piece of land that is approx. 209 hectares, on the shore of the largest fresh-water lake in Europe, in the beautiful environment of the Balaton highlands rich in historical and natural resources, right in the middle of many popular touristic attractions.


Summer buildings :
two-story residences with rooms of 6 or 8 beds (with shower & WC in rooms) for players for 32 Euros per person per night all incl. and for the coaches, referees, managers, physios and other staff, there are rooms of 2, 3, 4 and 6 beds with shower and WC for 38 Euros per person per night all incl. In the residences there are
 workshop & seminar rooms & a meeting/socialising room.


The kitchen and restaurant capacity of the Sports Centre makes possible to serve thousands of persons at the same time. In addition to the central restaurant some smaller establishments await the guests.
Special meals are available (vegetarian, diabetic, gluten free, kosher, etc…) special menus are available according to previous requirements. We have requested high energy sports menus and and the kitchen will follow an RFU nutritionist recommended mealplan.



Zánka has an advantageous geographical location in addition to the numberous sport facilities (sport hall, stadium, open-air sport fields, gym, aerobic-hall, sauna etc.) that offer possibilities for different types of sports as well as training camps and sport events.
The Centre is also suited for international meetings and conferences as well as major sports championships. Zanka was host to the Women’s B Division 7s Rugby European Championship 2011.