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ENTC IX 2014


Project Manager WELCOME NOTE
Participating Rugby Nations
2 IRB / RFU Educators for Coaches and Referees
3 ENTC VIII Surprise ENGLAND Women’s National Team Players and full time Coaches!

ENTC IX Welcome Note 2014.pdf

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ENTC IX 2014 Registration Details COUNTRY
Easter 2014
Thursday 17 to Monday 21 April
Host: Zánka Children and Youth Centre

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ENTC IX 2014 Training Camp Details

ENTC IX 2014 Programme Details.pdf

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Bids to Host ENTC IX:

THURSDAY 17 to MONDAY 21 April 2014

Raising the level & standard from the “Bottom” up for a better rugby challenge for all! CLOSING THE GAP


ENTC IX Bids to Host 2014.pdf

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